Corporate Profile

Company Profile

Company name iTak (International) Limited
Estabilshment 1993.10
Representitive President Toshio Goto
Capital HKD 100,000,000
Mother company : Takashima & Co.,Ltd (Listed on a first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange) is 100% share holder.
Group employees 771 employees
Head Office Unit2009-2011, Floor 20, North Tower, Concordia Plaza,
No.1 Science Museum Road., TST. East, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Business description Development, manufacturing and sales of electronic components and equipment

Message from the President

Our company was founded in Hong Kong as a wholly owned subsidiary of Takashima & Co., Ltd. (Listed on first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange) in 1993 and currently has 12 business locations including 7 subsidiaries based in the Asian region. The 12 business locations including our Hong Kong HQ operate actively as one business entity and cover customer's network all over Asia. Our company's strong point is that we can fully support customer's developing sites, manufacturing facilities and purchasing organizations close to our customers from our business network.

In the rapidly changing electronic industries sector, we continue pursuing 'Self-evolving and adapting business entitles'. We integrate the trading division and the manufacturing division to provide development proposal and composite completion ability unique to iTak.

In continually evolving markets, competition will become more and more intense. Our goal and our purpose is to become the first choice business partner through creative thinking and proactive approach. With this approach we can succeed in business against ever growing global competition.
We must continue to provide unique function and to be a best partner to our customers in such harsh environment.
With our motto 'Carve one’s own path', we would like to be a company who can fulfill our duties in good faith and effort and contribute to the society through our business.

We look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement in the future.

President Toshio Goto

Corporate Philosophy

Corporate mission “Contributing to society through business”

1. Providing boss customers with unique added-value functions unique to the iTak Group.
2. The iTak Group will approach society in a unique way and serve the world.
3. By helping the world, the iTak Group will develop as a result.

Management attitude "Sincerity"

1. Keep promises in good faith.
2. Don't forget to be cheerful, honest, humble and grateful.
3. Accumulating trust and trust from business partners as well as in-house by acquiring proper manners.

Code of Conduct “Self / Spontaneous / Self Responsibility”

“Voluntary”: the attitude of being a central person
“Spontaneous”: Attempt to do things without hesitation and without fear of hardship.
“Self-responsibility”: An attitude that solves the problem by changing myself without blaming others or the environment

Motto "Our way opens up with our power"

Corporate History

1993.10 TAK (Hong Kong) Limited. established in Hong Kong with HKD2,000,000 in capitalas as a fully-owned subsidiary by Takashima & Co.,Ltd.
2002.01 Representative office established in Penang, Malaysia.
2003.08 TAK Electronics (Shanghai) Limited. established in Shanghai, China as a fully-owned subsidiary.
2005.04 Shenzhen representative office established in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China.
2005.10 Japan Branch Tokyo sales office established in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
2006.10 Osaka sales office established in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture.
2007.10 Company name changes to iTak (International) Limited.
2008.02 iTak International (Thailand) Limited. established in Bangkok, Thailand as a fully-owned subsidiary.
2008.05 Construction of an environmental management system with the introduction of energy dispersion X-ray fluorescence analysis equipment.
2008.07 TAK Electronics (Shanghai) Limited changed its name to iTak International (Shanghai) Limited.
2008.08 5% of shares in Weifang Xingang Electronics of Weifang, Shandong Province, China are acquired, sales of iTak-branded audio components began.
2010.01 iTak Technology (Shenzhen) Limited. established in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China as a fully-owned subsidiary.
2010.07 Capital increased to HKD25,000,000
2010.10 Takashima & Co.,Ltd acquired all shares of iTak Co.,Ltd and made it a wholly owned subsidiary company.
2011.04 Business partnership with Golden Vision of Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China started the production of iTak brandLCD.
2012.04 Taiwan representative office opened in Taipei, Taiwan.
2012.04 iTak Technology (Shenzhen) Limited. changed its name to iTak International (Shenzhen) Limited.
2013.12 The fiscal year end changed from March to December.
2014.03 A satellite office established in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
2015.05 We started Business alliance of iTak brand LCD production with Jenson Display of Hunan Province, China.
2017.04 The Osaka office of the Japanese branch transfered to Fukushima, Osaka Prefecture.
2017.05 iTak International (Vietnam) Co., Limited. established in Dong Nai Province, Vietnam as a fully-owned subsidiary.
2017.10 iTak International (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. established in Penang, Malaysia as a fully-owned subsidiary.
The satellite office in Kuala Lumpur became the Kuala Lumpur branch of iTak International (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
2017.12 A factory for transformers/coils and EMS established in Chonburi, Thailand.
2018.04 Established Technical Headquarters.
2018.07 Established the Business Administration Headquarters and Sales Headquarters, and moved to the 3 headquarters system with the Technical Headquarters.
2019.09 Capital increased from HKD25,000,000 to HKD100,000,000.
2019.09 Increased the capital of iTak International (Thailand) Limited. from THB40,000,000 to THB130,000,000.
2019.10 Increased capital of iTak International (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. from USD1,500,000 to USD3,000,000.
2020.04 iTak International Japan Co., Ltd established in April 2020.